Alpha Oculus Europe/Middle East (Networkinggroup)

Alpha Oculus is a network for Europe/Middle East - Alpha Oculus is a platform for select individuals and groups, wanting to help others by charring and teaching their knowledge.

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1.) The knowledge about, all important financial issues, now and in the near future. How to increase your income today, your pension tomorrow and getting financial independent.

2.) Also in a linked forum network – platform we teach and want to help about your health and balance of your body and mind. Since this needs to go together.

We do not mean gathering all the stuff you see in the news and what we are told by people like politicians, bankers, and others hoe only have in mind the opposite of telling us the truth. (Let’s not call them liars).
Being able in predicting the future one can anticipate and make the right moves in time to benefit from upcoming invents and changes.

Ones you combine the knowledge of history with events happening today, you recognize that only a few things are infect new.
Instead most times history is repeating itself again and again and it looks like we have learned nothing from it. We get handled and robbed over and over.
To change that, we need to teach people the ability to, hold up a hand against the horizon and look at it while at the same time looking beyond it, to see the whole picture. 

Getting aware and understand that politicians we vote don’t make the policy, only the people behind them. If we know who those people are and what they stand for we gain the ability and knowledge where future policy will go. We also understand why some policy nobody understands, still is made and what purpose it serves.

Wealth never gets lost; it only changes from one to another.
To be on the side where it stays ore will change to you need to be able to predict the future.
You need to be able to see beyond the 5 fingers put up in front of your face.
We at Alpha Oculus want to be a helping hand to achieve that purpose with and for you.
To be the eye that seethe the near future and chare it with you.
Together we want to help as many people as possible to overcome the ongoing and any future crisis.


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Joachim Krassowski
20.05.2014, 13:25
Network Marketing? Are you positive or negative about Network Marketing? Why


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