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Emma James




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Established since 1996, Emma James begin_of_the_skype_highlighting     end_of_the_skype_highlighting, , specialises in deep tissue massage and sports massage therapy, incorporating A.I.S. into her work (Active Isolated Stretching).

emmaJamesWealth_small.gifEmma also provides holistic therapies for her clients, working with Therapeutic Massage, Aromatherapy, Indian Head Massage, Reiki Healing, Bach Flower Therapy and Reflexology.

Neil Fairbrother of interviewed me for his focus on business. My podcast


Cracking shot, taken by John von Nuding at the Ecademy 10th birthday bash last year

A staunch advocate of CPD, the most recent course in the bag was another Active Isolated Stretching (AIS) Course with Michael Collins of Magic Hands Massage; You can never stop learning smile.gif

Notworking but networking

So why the hell do I network? Simple, I enjoy it and derive benfit from networking from a social and business perspective.

In common with most people time is my scarcest commodity, compounded by the fact I'm a single parent to two adorable but demanding teens, run an active practice, train year round (professionally and personally).......then there's the house and the ***** garden.


UK Business Labs;

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Frempreneurs Network;

Dr Kevin P Murphy's Orthopedic Community;

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Contact Requests

I'm firefighting here much of the time and simply don't have much chance to click on the Contact Requests which have built up. I'm trying to work my way through them in order of priority - greystars being at the top of the priority pile.Powernetworkers and life members can drop me a message anyway so I tend not to look at those unless I recognise the picture/name.


Why? Because I enjoy it and it's a great means of reaching out and getting to know people through blogging and commenting on blogs.

Latest blog; "Eddie's reached Scotland";

It took me a while to find my feet blogging and I'm considered a bit verbose at times but we each of us have our own style and being a copy typist and an opinionated little blighter helps!

My Background

Before I found my niche in life professionally, I studied Twentieth Century Literature and Drama writing my thesis on Gunter Grass. After graduating I spent three months in Chile with Operation Raleigh. My love of the great outdoors, backpacking, camping and generally being outside and by myself stems from my adventures in Chile.

Expedition 5C was followed by a business and typing course. A necessary standby for an aspiring actress before an exhaustive year of touring around the UK and Ireland with the Northern Black Light Theatre Company; a children's theatre company based in York for whom I played Brian in the Mantids of Nem. Memories, memories.....

I held a wide variety of jobs, some challenging, some dealthy boring while I persued my love of acting and music. Dead end typing jobs were enlivened by playing the electric fiddle and synthesiser in bands outside of working hours. More demanding P.A. roles (relatively speaking) were complemented with judo training sessions at the Marshall Street Dojo with the late Sensei Enoeda and it wasn't long before I gave up on my acting ambition. It's a precarious profession, I'm not exactly cut out to "rest" and I became embroiled in business.

I became interested in massage therapy after the birth of my children when I experienced back problems which were finally resolved when I discovered how effective massage could be and I determined to train as a massage therapist myself. Since then I've carved out a defined career path in complementary health around the demands of parenthood.

In 1995, I trained in Therapeutic (Remedial) Massage with the College of Holistic Medicine. After qualifying, I set up my practice in 1996 from my home in Little Chalfont and have subsequently trained and qualified in Aromatherapy, Indian Head Massage, Reflexology, Bach Flower Therapy and Reiki Healing, with Sports and Remedial Massage Therapy the most recent addition to the list.

My Club input

* Afternoon Tea
* Amersham Ecademy
* Anyone for coffee?
* Bullseye
* Cross Training
* DIY - Novice to Expert
* Girl Alert
* Keep Music Live
* ooooh Miss James
* Physician Heal Thyself
* Stuff and Nonsense

Anyone for coffee?
Aimed at parents, non parents, grandparents, single parents, the disabled, carers and anyone who doesn't fall into any of these categories!

The intention behind Anyone for coffee is that it provides a virtual coffee shop for advice, discussion, debate on various topical and relevant issues in a non confrontational manner. That's the theory and intention anyway, although it's early days. I've no doubt Jackie Walker my fellow club leader or I will have to have a quiet word at some point - it's par for the course in running a club.

Afternoon Tea
is a Private sibling club to Anyone for coffee? where members can take their private, sensitive concerns away from Google's prying eyes.

Amersham Ecademy
Recently re-launched, Amersham Ecademy meets on the last Wednesday of each month at Amersham and Chiltern Rugby Club, Ash Grove, Weedon Lane, Amersham, 730-10 with guest speakers.

A private Blackstar Club acting as a portal for offers/wanted and discounts.

The Cross Training Club

Founded to provide a forum for people who cross train as a supplement to the marvellous specialist sporting clubs already in existance on Ecademy.

The DIY Club - Novice to Expert
Set up to take my DIY queries off the front page before I get lynched and I'm delighted that Robert Zarywaczas has joined me, being the Expert to my Novice.

Girl Alert
A social/business club, this time for the traders to tout their wares and for us to choose where to place our hard earned cash. Co-led and moderated with a new networking buddy, Suhad Jarrer-Brown who shares my passion for people, life and charitable endeavours around the travails of life.

Keep Music Live
Set up to flogblog my Music Blogs into one portal and provide a point of discussion for music lovers who like me, like their music live!

oooh Miss James!

and for a bit of much needed social froth to balance out the industry - great fun this Club with some wonderful stories!

Physician Heal Thyself

Aimed at therapists/medics on Ecademy and members who have an interest in health or in healthcare provision and allied services. It's hoped members of the community will increasingly feel able to ask questions of the members which is evolving and adapting to meet the demand and to discuss health related issues.

Stuff and Nonsense
More froth but with a serious slant too. A chance to discuss nonsense prose, rhyme, poetry and illustrations.

Still awake?


Outside the demands of everyday life I release my tension and focus my mind through training which is why running, karate and boxing feature in my fifty words. I'm supremely feminine but I can pack a punch!

A purple belt (with a white stripe) in Shotokan karate, I also train at Billy's boxing club in Little Chalfont although work has intervened for quite some time to my chagrin. This is supplemented by general fitness training through running and swimming.

Sport provides me with a vehicle to direct my boundless energy and diffuses any pent up tension, the perfect antidote to my balanced, centered work as a practitioner. Cooking is a favoured activity and I'm a great believer in good home cooking.

I try to lead a healthy, active, varied and fulfilling life with and for my children who I adore, despite the inevitable challenges.

And this, the only man who truly understands me



"One boat, two men, three thousand miles" Dean Grimshaw's weblog;

"Changing my karma" Roy Leighton and Andrew Curran's weblog about Karma Enduro;

Eddie Iz Running;

and for a bit of fun - my alter ego Bunny James

Joy and Emma near Wembley

Blow me down. I'm an Optimist;


A Challenger. That's not going to surprise many people!

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Mein Video

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