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Susan Popoola
Conning Towers




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Susan Popoola runs Conning Towers, a Human Resources Consultancy focused on supporting organisations in enhancing business performance and profitability through HR Transformation & Talent Management.

She is also the author of "Touching the Heart of Milton Keynes. A Social Perspective" and a Fellow of The Royal Society of Arts.

I work on the basis that while people by nature are imperfect, but it's what we nurture and develop within each other that predominates who we are. My overriding desire is therefore to see people develop to become the best that they can possibly be.
I, therefore, appreciate the fact that you have taken the time to look at my profile and hope to have the opportunity to be of help to you at some point in time. First, however, let me tell you a bit more about me.

Some of My Personal Interest are:
~ Poetry: An outlet to express those things that touch the very depth of the heart
~ Photography: An avenue to capture expressions and the hidden beauty of the world
~ Youth Work: An opportunity to have a positive impact on young people - to make them aware that they are all special people and that people care
~ School Governorship: An opportunity to influence/impact the future of young people - the leaders of tomorrow
~ Young Enterprise: A priviledge an opportunity to learn and gain some great insights into the thinking of younger generations
~ Travel: An opportunity to step into the world of other's and gain an insight into who they are.
~ Music & Books: different journeys/perspectives
~ Walking: Reflection and relaxation

My Personality Type is:
The Scientist (INTJ)
The Protector (INFJ)

I guess it all depends on which Day of the Week I Take the Test! wink.gif

But ultimately, this means that I'm not always the most outspoken person. This is not, however, to say that I'm afraid to express my opinion and there is a lot of depth to my personality! A friend once said "Susan is hidden treasure"; while another said there is an abundance of wealth in me.

Some of My Favourite Books are:

Living Strategy: Putting People at the Heart of Corporate Purpose ~ Lynda Gratton
Follow This Path: How the World's Greatest Organizations Unleash Human Potential ~ Coffeman & Gonzalez-Molina
E-Myth Mastery ~ Michael Gerber
What Keeps Me Standing ~ Dennis Kimbro
Collected Poems of Langston Hughes
The Rose That Grew From Concrete ~ Poetry by Tupac Shakur

Some further HR specific book recommendations can be found in my bookshop.

Significantly, I am also the proud author of my own book - "Touching the Heart of Milton Keynes. A Social Perspective"


Some of My Favourite Films are:
13 Angry Men
As Good as It Gets
Billy Eliott
Imitation of Life
Last Holiday
No 1 Ladies Detective Agency
Stomp the Yard
The Terminal

My Business Focus:
As a Human Resources Consultant, my interest is in leveraging the power of people.

I, therefore, specialise in:

both working with individuals to develop clear strategies to achieve their personal and business goals.

HR Strategy & Change - Developing and implementing the strategic role of HR in alignment with overall business strategy
Talent Management - Developing a holistic approach to the development and deployment of talent
Performance Management - Developing processes/systems that enable optimal performance of employees
Succession Planning - Developing strategies and processes to ensure that organisations are best prepared for their future staffing requirement
Process Definition & Improvement - Ensuring that the HR processes are in place effectively support both HR Policies and strategy.
Systems Development - Developing and optimising HR systems to optimally support HR processes and strategy

My Human Resources professionalism is supported by experience working in both Investor Relations and Operational Management which enables me to understand that an organisation's profitability is rooted in putting people at the heart of business and aligning its people objectives to business strategy.

You can find out more details about how Conning Towers can help you here . Alternatively, send me an email or Skype me.

I'd be happy to discuss how I can help you.

Professional Qualifications
I should mention that I'm a Professional Qualified HR Professional with membership to the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD)


This is backed by a few qualifications that I have, inclusive of:
MA in Human Resources Strategy and Change
PGDIP Human Resources
Diploma in Systems Thinking
BSc Political Science

My Testimonials
All this is coming from me, so here are some testimonials about me:

Susan has good People Management Skills her ability to plan and develop the performance of others, and to establish and develop effective working relationships. Susan proved to be a good communicator, both verbally and orally, she is a team player. Her judgment is good and can be relied upon during difficult times, of which there were many. Susan has the ability to train staff to suit differing levels of understanding across all levels of personnel.

Susan has good Technical Skills her ability to understand and apply technical and/or professional expertise was put to good use on the project. Susan has been able to transfer knowledge and skills to a wide variety of the Finance, HR and project personnel.

S. Fishburn, WorleyParsons Plc

She carried out her role with us in a very professional and committed way, displaying an excellent understanding of HR Information Systems and forging effective working relationships with both HR and IT colleagues, thereby helping us to move forward significantly over a difficult period.

While Susan had high expectations of colleagues, she was always specific about what she needed from them and worked very well with them to help to achieve what she was after.
Keith Nurse, Department of Health

Over the years I have met many working in HR; in all kind of business, small and big companies; in Europe and in the US. But I have never come across anyone as positive as Susan - something way to many people miss; especially in HR. For me Susan is the impersonation of how and what an HR person should be.
Frank D. Kanu, Genius One, Inc

Susan has reviewed and commented on a number of HR matters for me, always promptly and perceptively. I shall use her services again when needs be.
Peter MacGregor, Ranworth Associates

During her work with the MHRA I found Susan to be dedicated, hardworking and knowledgeable. She always delivered on time to a high standard and I would not hesitate to request her services again in the future.
Joanna Billan, MHRA

"Susan is a dedicated professional with a sharp mind and a concern for people. This special combination reflects in the quality of the work that I have seen her perform
Fred Pink, Fiddlewood Consulting

Susan is a friendly and intelligent person with a very thoughtful attitude. I met her at Richmond and was only disappointed I didn't get more chance to speak to her. If her talent in her work is even half as inspiring as her personality, she will indeed be an incredible person to do business with.
Nancy Williams, Tiger Two Ltd

Susan gave unstintingly of herself this morning, helping me to understand more about the HR department's mindset, responsibilities and challenges. I expect to put what I have learned into practice.
Shaun Gisbourne, Phone for Business

Susan has been helpful and generous with her considerable expertise in HR and IT. I have enjoyed working with her. You will too.
Nick Heap, Independent Facilitator

Susan and I are in the same consulting network, ICFBA. Susan is a trustworthy and competent adviser, working to the highest professional standards. I am sure that where she says an assignment is within her competency, it will be.
Daniel Roberts, Ink Cartridge Technologies Ltd

I met Susan again the other day at an HR exhibition and meeting her reminded me - if I needed to be reminded! - of her dignity, integrity and professionalism. She gives freely, too, and is positive and warm. She is the epitome of a great Ecademy contact and, if you make efforts to meet and cultivate her, you will be amply rewarded.
Jeremy Dent begin_of_the_skype_highlighting     end_of_the_skype_highlighting, Sewells

You can read more of my testimonials here

If you'd like to know more .... :
My profile can only ever say so much about me, so please do get in touch. Furthermore, I'd like to have the opportunity to learn about you!

I look forward to hearing from you.

All the very best


P.S. Before you go - do remember that everyone is special with a unique role to play in this world- and that includes you! After all it really does take "Every Kinda People to make the world go round" (Robert Palmer - RIP)

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