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Irina Ponomareva
Web Perfectionist




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Web Perfectionist Promoting Perfect Web

What is Web Perfectionist all about?

Web Perfectionist is a website. Web Perfectionist is an initiative. Web Perfectionist is a lifestyle.

The World Wide Web has become an integral part of the modern person's life in many parts of the world, and keeps spreading; it develops and grows, and its standards grow too. For us, who have dedicated our lives to building it, those standards are most important; as we strive to achieve higher levels of web perfection, our hearts glow with joy: we know that we are making the web better, we know that our customers benefit, we know exactly how – and we love what we do.

Clean, elegant, accessible and easy to use websites, equally friendly to all users, including those who have disabilities, and to the search engines – that's the brief definition of web perfection; to achieve it, we just need to follow a few rules and apply a little bit of patience and love to every website we build.

The why

Unfortunately, the web is still clogged with websites built many years ago and breaking every rule in the book; they look ugly on the surface, but for any web perfectionist simply looking at their source code becomes a real torture, because the ugliness of that code is the only thing that surpasses the ugliness of the site itself as seen in the browser.

Such sites were the norm ten or even six years ago, but new time requires new standards. Perfect sites perform and convert much better than ugly sites; that's why investing in modernization of your website is worth it long term.

Web Perfectionist is a website built by one person | for one purpose: to promote really perfect websites and explain exactly what perfection means in terms of website building.

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