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Graeme Spice
G Spice Consulting Ltd




  • English, Muttersprache


a bit about me, I'm pretty chatty so feel free to drop me a tweet, mail or phone call if you'd like a chat, pick my brains or just to say hi!

What I do to pay the bills.

I love Telecoms, I just can't help myself, sad I know. I have tried to get away from it twice, but it keeps drawing me back in. I have many years of experience within Telco/MSO's and with Vendors and Consulting Companies delivering Solutions and Strategy for OSS and now Project and Program Managing Internet Music Download Services, an area of great interest to me. I've done everything from Field Engineering to managing a 10Million Euro OSS Budget as VP for OSS at Europe's biggest Cable company. Have also looked at Service Oriented Architecture especially how it applies to Telco and MSO's. I have experience of Sales and Product Marketing and consider myself a lateral pragmatic free thinker. Sometimes I have more ideas that short term memory or time.

What I WANT to do.

I'm sick of people paying too much for their telecom services because they don't have the time to scrutinise every line item of spend - well we'll do that and save you money!

I've been partially submerged in the Media industry working with online, mobile video & music with Label and ISP industry expertise around delivering and protecting digital media in an ISP environment. If this is something you are involved in and you'd like a chat drop me a line. I'm also available on a consultative basis to help guide companies on a strategy around content delivery and protection. If you have any questions or want access to anyone I know just drop me a message

I'm also looking to start up a small local business providing IT and Internet support to Small businesses and home workers in North Hampshire and Surrey. My intention is to recruit young bright college students and grow them - a modern day apprenticeship.

What I'm willing to do for you.

As I mentioned before I am a one man ideas factory (RFID Golf balls anyone?) and am more than willing to help people in early stages of firming their vision of a business or idea. I have a few ideas I want to see through to fluition, I'll need a good network to make it happen so I'm willing to help others when they need it too.
I have a big network of Telecoms and IT contacts and can source you expertise or software/hardware probably the globe over always at competitive rates. If yoo need something try me. I have always been good at Telecom deal match making - again check out my Linked in or Ecademy profiles and if theres someone or something you need, drop me a message.
I have a very large network in the IT/Telecom world - I regularily help headhunters find suitable candidates and fill vacancies for companies.

My Goals

To be semi retired by the time I am 45 - so 7 5 1/2 years to reach a state where the mortgage is paid off and I can chose what I want to do to give me a good work life balance. I want to travel a lot before I'm too old to really enjoy it. I love seeing the world and I find amazement in even the most mundane of places.

Telecom Expense Management - let us save you money!
Experienced in Technical Design Authority Roles
Strong Consultative Skills
Digital Media (specifically Audio and Video) Deployment in ISP's
Copyright protection of digital media in ISP's
Telecom IT Strategy & Vision
Telecom ITArchitecture and Design
Telecom IT Vendor RFI RFP creation and management
Telecom IT Business Case creation
Practical eTOM Implementation & automation
Vendor Management
Service Provider Operational Process, People and Tools
Broadband Access Technology
Broadband Product Documentation
High Quality presentation material
Enabling Service Providers to realise the full benefits of technology in both an operational and commerical sense.
Go to market experience for start ups.
Experience as a Trainer.
Idea visualisation - articulating the dream.
Product Management for Broadband access products
Due Dilligence in Mergers and Acquisiitons
Speaker at various Industry forums for Cable Operators across Europe.
Practical ESB and EAI Deployment in Telecom Providers

where I've visited and or worked...
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I make a mean suet pudding with syrup - Mums special recipe!
Speak a bit of Dutch, but by no means fluent.
Happily married to my gorgeous wife Heather with 4 Children Charley, Charlotte, Thomas and Joshua.
Keen supporter of Tottenham Hotspur, and have a soft spot for Leyton Orient also.


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Mein Video

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