Emil Pop

CEO, Inventor, Owner, Franchisor, writer


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Ich habe geschäftliches Interesse an:

Looking for business investors worldwide to take over local operations in franchising

- "HI" ports operation in franchising

- Vertiports operations in franchising

- Ultralight Rotorcraft manufacturing/reparing and mantainance in franchising

- Ultralight fixed wing ESTOL flight machines manufacturing/reparation and mantainace in franchising

"Yesteray" individual transports belonged to feet and horses, "today" individual transport on short medium distance belongs to cars and motorcycles,

"Tomorow" belongs to small flight machines, fast, reliable, safe, no "stau", no trafic lights, not speed tickets but...

They need to be organised, they need infrastructures, they need service and they need to be sold at a fair price.

Today in Europe we count over 1 milion of those machines, rather used as "race go karts" on week-ends only, since out of the "race stadium" they have no other way to go.

I am in the business of giving them what they want, and you can be sure they will gladly pay.

Not the same thing going from Rome to Berlin by car in 2 days, with a cost of some 300 euro (fuel, highway, 1 hotel night, 6 meals) or in 5 hours with a cost of 10 liters of fuel per hour and 10 euro landing tax on an "flught plaze" (100 euro maximum), and still preserve your indipendance, no airliners, no fixed hours, no fixed hub and then "walk the last mile" is "as you can".

With ultralights you can go in any lost village! And we do that.

Ich biete diese Geschäftsbereiche:

Meine privaten Interessensgebiete:

Designing flight machines, building prototypes, writing books, hanging out with my boy and my dog at sea, in bike, in the mountiens, sailing with our sail race boat, and naturally, FLY!


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Emil Pop
CEO, Inventor, Owner, Franchisor, writer


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Luft & Raumfahrt, Design, prototyping, test flight of ultralight airplanes, rotorcrafts, flight fields and vertiports



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