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Ty Mac-Head Tyson
Apple Guru




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For many years I was working as a Transmission Design Consultant freelance for various European telecoms companies on their GSM network rollouts. I designed and implemented much of the transmission architecture for the Orange and O2 networks in the Netherlands and a large proportion of the Wales and Birmingham regions for T-mobile in the UK, amongst other projects. I have been responsible for training the Ericsson Design and Planning teams as well as Orange engineers in the Netherlands.

More recent Timeline:

2003: I had the opportunity to fulfil a lifelong ambition. My fellow Mac-Heads and I established an Apple Mac services company for businesses. We established a foothold in this growing market offering a specialist service providing some of the best Mac consultants in the country.

2005: Transmission-planning consultant for a national 3G mobile network operator in the Netherlands. I was responsible for the EDGE and UMTS upgrades countrywide.

2006: Returned to the UK and provided UMTS transmission and radio-planning services for a leading worldwide 3G mobile services provider.

2008: Consulting on transmission solutions for global electronics company.

2009: Consultant network architect for global telecoms service provider.

2010: Consulting on microwave transmission solutions for global telecoms service provider.

I am a gadget-freak, love fast cars, home cinema and hi-fi, high-fantasy, animals and nature.

It is a passion of mine to demonstrate and explain the benefits of using Apple products. Especially to those only familiar with the urban myths that tend to follow Apple around. The jaw-dropping moment when someone suddenly realises what they have been missing out on is priceless. I have seen this many many times and it never gets boring. smile.gif

Any Apple related queries please feel free to message me, or join the Apple User Club and post a question there. I am happy to help.

I am not selling anything - any support is given freely to do my bit to move the world out of the IT dark ages.

Windows-sufferer + Ty + a Mac + 1 hour = one very happy ex-Windows user. Try me. smile.gif

As someone once said "It's the OS stupid!"


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Mein Video

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